Meth testing

As one of New Zealand’s leading methamphetamine testing companies, ATS has the  experience and know-how to ensure your property is protected at cost-effective prices.

We provide tests for residential housing, commercial buildings, caravans, trucks, motels, hotels and more - all with a guaranteed turnaround of three working days or fewer.

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Why test for meth?

Methamphetamine, or P, can be sophisticatedly manufactured just about anywhere. Unfortunately it contaminates the property, which can cause health concerns among residents for years to come. Reactions can include migraines, rashes, nausea and difficulty to concentrate, sleep or even breathe.

Due to the widespread P epidemic in New Zealand, we strongly recommend that hotels, motels and rental campervans are routinely tested every 3 to 6 months. Meth testing should also be conducted before purchasing a home, and between tenancies of rentals.

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Types of testing available

Screening assessment test

This is a precautionary test to confirm if the property has been contaminated with meth, and if it’s an amount beyond the acceptable limits outlined in the offical NZS 8510 standard.

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Individual screening assessment test

This is the most in-depth screening assessment available in New Zealand. If you have reason to believe your property has been contaminated, this test will confirm how much residue is in each area of the house (including rooms and hallways). You will then receive a full in-depth report including interpretation of the results, and recommendations.

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Detailed assessment test

This in-depth test is used when there is complete certainty that the property is contaminated, with samples taken from every room or 10m2 area throughout the property. The report we produce from these findings will be used by the remediation specialists

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Post-remediation test

Once your property has been professionally decontaminated, we will re-test every area that produced a positive result to ensure the meth has been totally removed. This is a vital step to receiving a Certificate of Clearance, which means the property is now safe to inhabit.

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