Asbestos Testing

ATS offers revolutionary invasive and non-invasive asbestos testing methods to ensure families can breathe easy, while keeping landlords compliant to current asbestos regulations.

Asbestos has been commonly used in New Zealand properties up until the year 2000. If the material has been damaged or compromised in any way - such as during renovations - it can become a serious health risk and must be removed.

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Are you a landlord?

Given the large quantities of asbestos material in New Zealand homes, the government introduced legislation in April 2018 to protect tenants and contractors. It states that landlords have a responsibility to ensure their safety by identifying asbestos in the building and taking steps to remove it if necessary.

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Types of asbestos testing

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral made up of many small fibres.  As we now know, asbestos can be a killer and it is vital that you manage this risk appropriately. As a specialist property testing company, our primary focus is in the residential sector and working with landlords and property management companies.

Non-invasive visual inspection

Not sure if your property has asbestos in it? After a visual inspection, we’ll produce an indepth report with recommendations of how to proceed.

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Invasive asbestos test

If you have reason to believe your property has asbestos in it, we will test a sample and seal any damage to secure the dangerous fibres. If required, we will professionally and safely remove the asbestos.

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