Methamphetamine & Asset Management

The reality is that managing the risk of methamphetamine in New Zealand is a very difficult task. There are three main categories that we consider the management of the risk to be most important.


Auckland houses

We believe that it is the duty and responsibility of those companies running accommodation facilities such as hotels, motels and campervans to take a proactive approach to ensuring the safety of their guests. Of course, none of us expect them to be having rooms tested between every usage. However it is reasonable to have their facilities tested on a semi regular basis.

We encourage guests frequenting these establishments to ask about their approach to the meth epidemic and enquire as to how often they have their sites tested.

We recommend 6 monthly testing for hotels and motels and 3 monthly testing for campervans.

Pre-purchase Testing

You wouldn’t buy a property without getting a builders report, so why would you buy a property without insisting on a meth test? Purchasing your home is probably the biggest financial investment of your lifetime. When you are spending half a million dollars on a family home, why not spend the extra few hundred dollars and ensure that you are not walking into a contaminated area!

The issue here is that you cannot think that just because you might be purchasing a home in a great area that there is no chance of meth contamination. This is simply due to those people that have been found to use the drug! Unfortunately it has hit an entire cross section of the population.

Pre-Rental Testing

While you’re not investing in the property when renting, you can never afford not to invest in your own health and the health of your family. It is becoming increasingly common for landlords to advertise their property for rent with a meth test having been performed.

This is a really positive step in the right direction and something that we expect to see more and more of. We strongly encourage you to insist on a meth test being performed before signing a rental agreement. After all, we get only get one body and taking this quick and easy test can give you and your family peace of mind in knowing that you are living in a contamination free zone!

Our Meth Tests

Active Testing Solutions offers three levels of tests, dependent on the requirement of our clients. Each variation of these tests can be used across both private and commercial establishments.eo.

Laboratory Composite Test

Individual swabs are taken from at least 5 locations throughout your home. Parts of each sample are then combined in our state of the art laboratories to test for any methamphetamine contamination.

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Individual Laboratory Test

Similar to the laboratory composite tests, multiple on-site swabs are taken. These swabs are then individually tested to ascertain the specific contamination levels within each area swabbed.

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Post Remediation Test

If methamphetamine is found, you will need to have area professionally cleaned. Once the remediation work is completed, we will retest the area to ensure contamination has been completed removed.

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