Post Remediation Test

You have reached the final requirement of NZS8510:2017 and your property is just about at the stage that it can be issued a Certificate of Clearance by the Remediation company that you selected. All that needs to happen now, is that the decontamination process is tested.

Post Remediation Testing is performed in a similar manner to the Detailed Assessment Test, with the key difference being that it is only those areas that had previously produced failed readings and have subsequently been remediated will be included in the testing process.

Here is the process that will occur:

  • All samples are individually taken.
  • Every 10m2 (or part thereof) must be tested including all bedrooms and hallways.
  • The samples will be taken from directly adjacent to the previous sample sites. This is in line with NIOSH9111 best practice for Post Remediation Testing.

The Property Has Passed Testing – What Now?

Once we have completed the Post Remediation Testing a copy of the report will be sent to you and to the remediation company that you selected. If the property has passed testing (no results above 1.5μg/100cm²) the remediation company will now issue the property with a Certificate of Clearance which means that the property is now safe to inhabit.