Methamphetamine in New Zealand

It seems like just about every day there are articles in the paper highlighting another drug bust of methamphetamine, commonly known as P, or the precursor drugs required for the manufacturing process. In June 2016 the NZ Herald published an article about the largest drug seizure of meth. This was a drug bust of $494 million dollars. This highlights the sheer volume of meth entering New Zealand.

The Ministry of Health has highlighted the growing number of meth labs being found in New Zealand. While current stats are not available, the ministry has highlighted that in 2000 there were just nine (9) labs discovered compared to 135 labs discovered in 2009.

The issue has become so severe that the Ministry of Health has put together very specific guidelines as to the levels of methamphetamine contamination that can cause harm and on the back of this, the level of remediation work that is required to remove contamination.

Meth addiction plagues people from all walks of life and it has been said that a single dose can be enough to get an individual hooked on the drug. The NZ Herald has published a number of stories of late about brave recovering addicts that have been able to kick the habit – something that is said to be incredibly difficult and in some dire cases even fatal. These stories highlight people like single mums that somehow found themselves trying it once and felt great! They were able to get so much done and had their homes in order. As you can imagine though, it does not take long for the drug P to begin to take hold. Often these victims of the addiction highlight how it crept from a weekend habit to a daily habit.

This often led to a greater need for the drug and before they knew it, their habit had led to $3000 a day addiction. Unfortunately this has seen victims of this addiction turn to prostitution and crime to fund their habit.

Active Testing Solutions is on a mission to play our part in stemming the flow of this awful drug into our clean and green society.

Our Meth Tests

Active Testing Solutions offers three levels of tests, dependent on the requirement of our clients. Each variation of these tests can be used across both private and commercial establishments.

Laboratory Composite Test

Individual swabs are taken from at least 5 locations throughout your home. Parts of each sample are then combined in our state of the art laboratories to test for any methamphetamine contamination.

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Individual Laboratory Test

Similar to the laboratory composite tests, multiple on-site swabs are taken. These swabs are then individually tested to ascertain the specific contamination levels within each area swabbed.

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Post Remediation Test

If methamphetamine is found, you will need to have area professionally cleaned. Once the remediation work is completed, we will retest the area to ensure contamination has been completed removed.

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