Visual Assessment Maintenance Programme

V.A.M.P. stands for Visual Assessment Maintenance Programme and is an annual subscription model, which includes the following.

Annual Visual Maintenance Assessment carried out by one of our fully trained professional assessors.

  • Please note that all of our current assessors are qualified builders and it is our intention to continue hiring qualified builders for these assessment roles (employment market permitting).

Assessment of the property against the HHS report in order to ensure that the property still meets the HHS requirements.

  • Please note that if the property does not have a HHS report, then in the first year of your VAMP subscription a Healthy Homes Standards Assessment and a standalone smoke alarm report will be conducted, with the maintenance assessment commencing in year two.

Annual smoke alarm check using a professional smoke alarm testing device.

  • This includes free replacement of smoke alarms for faulty/battery depleted cases – using $49 Cavius smoke alarms (excludes tenant damage).

UNLIMITED between tenancy smoke alarm checks using a professional smoke alarm testing device.

  • This includes free replacement of smoke alarms for faulty/battery depleted – using $49 Cavius smoke alarms (excl tenant damage).

48 hour guarantee for assessment/replacement of faulty smoke alarms.

  • Given that it is not legal for tenants to disturb a smoke alarm, we recognise that where a fault has occurred, getting into the property to assess/replace the smoke alarm as quickly as possible is a key requirement.

$100 discount on all between tenancy meth tests.

  • This will mean that our V.A.M.P. subscribers will receive the highest quality baseline meth testing available anywhere in NZ at the lowest price that we have found anywhere in the country for the high-end Laboratory Composite Meth Test.

We are exceptionally proud of the what we have been able to offer clients, but of course, the key question is – how much does all of this cost? Well, we have even amazed ourselves at the level to which we have been able to drive the price down. The annual subscription costs just $249+gst per year and there are no additional charges anywhere. We believe that the value that this represents, is completely unparalleled anywhere in the country and we are incredibly proud to invite you to be a part of this amazing programme.

Why Choose Active Testing Solutions

ATS is New Zealand’s leading property testing company. Our Mission is simple – Keep Kiwi Homes Safe.  This short but incredibly powerful statement guides our entire team every single day. We offer New Zealand’s leading testing methodologies in both Asbestos Testing and Meth Testing and our simple commitment to excellence has seen ordinary kiwis like you and me give us with 5 Star reviews time after time.

  • Qualified & Experienced
  • All Work Guaranteed
  • Fast Turnaround
  • Meth & Asbestos Testing