Our Timing Guarantee & Overnight Options

At Active Testing Solutions, we understand that time is always a factor. The two most common reasons that our clients conduct methamphetamine property testing is:

  • Baseline testing between tenants for rental properties
  • Pre-purchase testing as part of the house purchase process

Both of these situations calls for speed through the testing process. Either you have tenants waiting to get into the property, or you need the results back immediately so as to ensure that nothing holds up the sale and purchase agreement.

It is due to this that we are the first company in New Zealand to guarantee a three business day turnaround at no additional charge as part of our standard testing process!

While a standard three business day turnaround is the fastest standard guarantee that we can find on the market today, we understand that sometimes even that is not fast enough.

With this in mind, we are proud to offer the most cost effective overnight option that we can find in the market today. The pricing for our overnight option is split into two categories:

  1. Laboratory Composite Testing – $50+gst
  2. Individual Laboratory Testing – $35+gst per sample tested

The reason that we have differentiated these categories is simply down to the number of tests that our Laboratory Partners will have to conduct for each method of testing.

So if time is a factor for you, but you are not willing to compromise on quality, then give Active Testing Solutions a call and experience our commitment to delivering New Zealand’s GOLD STANDARD methamphetamine property testing solution.

How It Works?

Active Testing Solutions takes a gold standard approach to Methamphetamine Testing. While many meth testing companies select a lesser version of the tests which is non-compliant with the Ministry of Health guidelines, Active Testing Solutions has developed a pricing strategy which allows our clients to receive the highest possible testing processes available in New Zealand at similar and in some cases a lesser price.

Please note that Active Testing Solutions does not charge additional fees for expedited tests and guarantees a three business day turnaround on all testing.

1. Collect Testing Samples
Our professionally trained collection technicians will visit the property to collect samples.

2. Individual Laboratory Tested Swabs
Each swab is used only once to ensure zero cross contamination.

3. Same Day Shipping of Samples
All samples are shipped directly to our state of the art laboratory partners.

4. Laboratory Composite Test
Each individual sample is tested for contamination.

5. Sample Storage
Each sample is stored FREE OF CHARGE for 30 days in case retesting is required.

6. Reporting
You will receive an in depth report highlighting the contamination levels of each specific area tested.