How To Ensure That You Are Getting The Best Bang For Your Buck

A Case Study

ATS offers the most time efficient, cost effective testing methodology available anywhere in New Zealand. Here is a step by step walk through of a recent case which highlights the cost and time efficiency that we offer.

Here are the facts that we started with.

  • Two bedroom property, with a standalone laundry.
  • There was some suspicion of drug use, but no concrete evidence.
  • The tenants vacated the property and the landlords needed testing done as quickly as possible in order to move forward with clean-up, renovations and re-tenanting.

Due to the small size of the property and the suspicion of drug use on site, we made the decision to take enough samples as part of the Laboratory Composite Test to cover a Detailed Assessment Test if the initial composite test produced a failed result.

Here is a timeline of what happened vs what would have happened if these clients had used another testing company.

*Please note that competitor pricing is based on the lowest pricing we could find online. It should also be noted that we have not added in the additional charges which are often present with competitors for 3 business day turnaround which ATS offers as standard.

As you can see, not only was ATS able to save the client a minimum of $384.00, but we are able to complete the entire process in just 4 days rather than the minimum of 8 days that it would have taken a competitor.

Active Testing Solutions offers the highest baseline test available in New Zealand and due to the methodology behind our baseline testing process, we are able to individually retest the samples taken that were originally used for the composite test in order to produce individual readings of those samples.

In addition to these efficiencies, it should also be noted that ATS offers the following.

  • Fully guaranteed results.
  • Full representation by a company Director at any Tribunal, Hearing or Court situation in order to stand behind our tests if required.
  • Multimillion dollar professional indemnity and public liability insurance to further protect clients.

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Active Testing Solutions is New Zealand’s leading methamphetamine testing company. Why? Because we put our clients’ satisfaction above everything else and we are committed to a GOLD STANDARD service delivery – it’s what we do.