Commercial Clients

Commercial Properties

Methamphetamine contamination can happen anywhere. Unfortunately this drug has permeated huge parts of our society and at the moment, there is no sign of a slow down. Due to this we have increasing numbers of commercial clients requesting that we perform thorough testing on their buildings. There seems to be two key reasons why companies are establishing regular methamphetamine property testing policies.

The first reason is of course to protect their staff. It is imperative that all companies take steps to ensure

that they are delivering to their staff a safe work environment that is free of contamination. While many companies perform work place drug testing for their staff, we are only now starting to see the recognition that testing their buildings on a regular basis, usually every three to six months, is also a requirement as part of their health and safety policies.

The second reason that we are seeing the increase in this type of commercial building methamphetamine testing, is the requirement by many insurance companies to do so. It is becoming increasingly common for insurance companies to include regular methamphetamine testing of commercial properties as part of their policy requirements. The most common requirement is specialist methamphetamine testing every three to six months.

Active Testing Solutions has developed a bespoke testing service for commercial clients specifically designed to meet the requirements of your insurance company. Of course every building is different – both in size and design and because of this, Active Testing Solutions will develop a testing strategy designed specifically for your unique requirements.

We fully guarantee our results and offer full reports that cover everything from testing locations, to the testing standards that have been adhered to. These reports may be filed internally or with your insurance company in order to meet your obligations as an employer. We recognise that this is an additional expense to your business and it is due to this we have developed a loyalty programme that delivers significant discounts to our ongoing customers. The loyalty programme is based on the duration of the service level agreement that your company requires.

Feel free to call us in order to discuss the best options for your business, alternatively, please complete the below information request form and one of our highly trained staff will be in touch with you shortly.

Campervans, Caravans and Rental Fleets

Unfortunately methamphetamine has been found just about everywhere. Campervans, caravans and rental vehicles are no exception. While it may well be possible to spot methamphetamine production in campervans and caravans, cases where people have smoked P in the vehicles is a completely different story.

In our experience, contaminated properties and vehicles where meth has been smoked,

Meth Testing Campervan

but not manufactured leaves no smell. It is completely different to those occasions where someone has smoked cigarettes in the vehicle, which is of course immediately recognisable. There is no way of telling whether a vehicle has become contaminated with P, without contracting a specialist methamphetamine company to perform an in-depth meth test.

Active Testing Solutions offers a specialist and completely bespoke service for methamphetamine testing of campervans, caravans and vehicles. We have also developed bespoke services for company fleets and truck fleets. The testing process that we have delivered is fully guaranteed and is further supported by our multi-million dollar public liability and professional indemnity insurance policies.

The Service Level Agreements are developed for each company’s specific and unique needs. We take into account, fleet size, type of vehicles and regularity of testing requirements and build fully bespoke packages around these considerations for each client. In addition to the bespoke packages on offer, Active Testing Solutions, also offers loyalty discounts based on the length of the Service Level Agreement that is signed.

So if you would like to protect your vehicle fleets, your customers and your staff, while giving your company a marketing edge in the way that you market your safety first policy, then give us a call today.