Campervans, Caravans and Vehicle Fleets – Are They Safe?

Okay, so Breaking Bad was fantastic and one of history’s most successful television series. I am sure that you can all recognise this picture; yep it is a replica of the Breaking Bad campervan meth lab – “The Crystal Ship” as the show calls it.

But while the show was great entertainment, I am

sure that I was not alone in wondering whether the concept of using campervans as a methamphetamine laboratory was something that was being done in New Zealand. So I went looking and was disappointed to read this article in the NZ Herald which illustrates that this has in fact already occurred in New Zealand.

This gets you to stop and think. Okay, so people have started using campervans as roving meth labs. But what about people renting campervans and caravans? Are these being used as roving meth labs as well? Maybe, I guess we just don’t know.

So that led me onto the next logical thought. What about people that are smoking P in these vehicles? It is by no means a stretch of the imagination to think that this is happening. In fact the more you think about, the more likely it seems. If meth is being smoked in motel rooms, like this article points out, then why not campervans and caravans as well?

Meth being smoked is reported to have very little smell. In fact houses that fail meth contamination tests usually have no smell at all. At least in all of the tests that we have done, many of which have produced failed results, we have never noticed any strange smells, where properties have had meth use, but have not been used as methamphetamine laboratories. So it is completely different to those occasions where people have smoked cigarettes in a vehicle which is of course immediately recognisable.

This is a scary thought and something that we all have to consider. I know that the next time my family and I decide to rent a campervan for a bit of get away, I will be ensuring that we only use companies that have regular methamphetamine testing as part of their policies. There is no way that I will be having my children crawling around in a rented campervan of caravan that has not been tested!

It is due to this that Active Testing Solutions has developed a bespoke service for vehicle testing. We specialise in building Service Level Agreements for larger clients, as well as offering one off testing if required. We work with campervans, caravans, rental cars, company fleets and trucking fleets. Click here for more information.

It really is scary how this awful drug has pervaded so many facets of our daily lives. This is especially true, when you stop to think about the poisons that are used to produce the stuff! In my opinion, forewarned is forearmed so ask the question next time you are considering which company to rent your family holiday vehicle from!

Be safe out there!