Post Remediation Test

Should methamphetamine be found to be present, then remediation work will need to be conducted to remove any contamination. This is usually paid for by insurance as it is a significant expense. While Active Testing Solutions does not offer remediation work, as we see this as a conflict of interest, we can recommend companies that we believe to be of a very high standard.

Following the remediation work being completed, you will require a Post Remediation Test. This test is to ensure that the chemical cleaning process was effective and hopefully will highlight that there are no further traces of methamphetamine. This means that more invasive cleaning techniques, such as jib removal and re-insulating your home is not needed.

Remediation Testing is conducted on a per sample basis at a cost of $99+gst per sample. As per the Ministry of Health Guidelines, it is required that a minimum of 5 samples are taken.  

  • Previous areas which were found to be contaminated will be individually tested.
  • It is also recommended that other rooms and areas are retested to ensure that the entire area can be categorically proven to be free of methamphetamine contamination.
  • Ventilation ducts are also required to be tested as part of the Remediation Testing process.

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From $99+gst per swab

*Please note that the Ministry of Health guidelines state that a minimum of five swabs are required for post remediation testing.

*Travel costs may apply.

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