Screening Assessment Test

We have developed New Zealand’s highest level baseline testing which is fully compliant with the NZS 8510 – the newly released standard.

We use a Laboratory Composite Test to conduct our initial screening assessment. This industry leading meth test is used to ascertain whether methamphetamine contamination is present on site at levels above the NZS 8510 recommendations.

Please note that many meth testing companies will combine swabs into a single vial on site. This significantly increases the costs that client’s will face in the event that contamination is found on site. Call us now to find out more. 

  • Up to ten (10) individual swabs
    • Should additional samples be required, there is a cost of $19+gst per sample.
  • All rooms (including hallways) must be tested – as per NZS 8510 guidelines.
  • The individual swabs are placed into individual vials and are sent to our state of the art laboratory partners.
  • A small portion of each swab will be combined by a fully trained and qualified lab technician in the laboratory in order to ensure zero cross contamination between the individual swabs.
  • The combined swab is tested for methamphetamine which produces a composite result.
  • The remaining portion of each individual swab is held for 30 days within the laboratory FREE OF CHARGE.

So you have had a Screening Assessment Test completed and it has indicated that there is methamphetamine contamination on site at a level which could be greater than the NZS 8510 recommendations. Step one – don’t panic! Remember that a composite result is the average level of contamination present throughout the property. So it is possible that there is no single area that has contamination above the NZS 8510 recommended levels. But we need to find out. Our laboratory partners are still holding the samples which we have taken from your property and we will now have those samples individually tested. This will give us the exact contamination levels present at each sample area.

Please note that if a Laboratory Composite Test was previously conducted and highlighted the presence of methamphetamine, the individual swabs will then be retested at the reduced price of $89+gst per sample.

$299+gst for up to 10 samples

*Travel costs may apply.

How It Works?

Active Testing Solutions takes a GOLD STANDARD approach to Methamphetamine Testing. While many meth testing companies select a lesser version of the tests which is non-compliant with the NZS 8510 standards, Active Testing Solutions has developed a pricing strategy which allows our clients to receive the highest possible testing processes available in New Zealand at a similar and in some cases lesser cost.

Please note that Active Testing Solutions does not charge additional fees for expedited tests and guarantees a three business day turnaround on all testing. 

1. Collect Testing Samples
Our professionally trained testers will visit the property to collect samples.

2. Individual Laboratory Tested Swabs
Each swab is used only once to ensure zero cross contamination.

3. Same Day Shipping of Samples
All samples are shipped directly to our state of the art laboratory partners.

4. Laboratory Composite Test
A small section of each individual sample is combined to assess for contamination.

5. Composite Test Conducted
Once the laboratory has conducted the composite test you will receive a full and in-depth report which includes full interpretation of results and recommendations.

6. Sample Storage
Each sample is stored FREE OF CHARGE for 30 days in case retesting is required.

7. Meth is found, what now?
As the individual samples are already at the lab, each sample will now be individually tested to ascertain the levels of contamination in each room, without our testers needing to come back to site. Please note that additional charges will apply for the individual testing of each sample.

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