Individual Laboratory Test

This test is usually used in the first instance only when our client has a reason to believe that the site is contaminated with methamphetamine. In order to ensure as much flexibility as possible, we have established a per sample price. While a minimum of five samples are required in order to ensure Ministry of Health recommendations are met, outside of this requirement we will work with you to find a bespoke solution that works for your unique circumstances. 

  • A minimum of five (5) individual swabs will be taken, as per the Ministry of Health guidelines.
  • Children’s rooms (under the age of 16) must be tested.
  • The individual swabs are sent to our state of the art laboratory partners.
  • Each swab is individually tested allowing immediate notification of contamination levels in each room or area tested.

Free no-obligation quote

$99+gst per sample

*Please note that a minimum of five samples is required.

*Travel costs may apply.

How It Works?

Active Testing Solutions takes a gold standard approach to Methamphetamine Testing. While many meth testing companies select a lesser version of the tests which is non-compliant with the Ministry of Health guidelines, Active Testing Solutions has developed a pricing strategy which allows our clients to receive the highest possible testing processes available in New Zealand at similar and in some cases a lesser price.

Please note that Active Testing Solutions does not charge additional fees for expedited tests and guarantees a three business day turnaround on all testing. 

1. Collect Testing Samples
Our professionally trained collection technicians will visit the property to collect samples.

2. Individual Laboratory Tested Swabs
Each swab is used only once to ensure zero cross contamination.

3. Same Day Shipping of Samples
All samples are shipped directly to our state of the art laboratory partners.

4. Laboratory Composite Test
Each individual sample is tested for contamination. 

5. Sample Storage
Each sample is stored FREE OF CHARGE for 30 days in case retesting is required.

6. Reporting
You will receive an in depth report highlighting the contamination levels of each specific area tested. 

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