Detailed Assessment Test

The New Zealand Standards Authority has implemented NZS8510 which governs how detailed assessment testing is to be completed.

So when would you require a Detailed Assessment Test?

This is our most in-depth testing and is used in two different scenarios.

  1. We have performed previous screening assessments which have highlighted that there are areas in the property which have contamination levels above 1.5ug/100cm2.
    1. In this scenario, where we have discovered any single sample area that is contaminated above NZS 8510 Recommendations, we must come back in and perform a detailed assessment of the entire property.
  2. You have very strong reasons to believe that the property is contaminated and as such you have made the decision to proceed directly to this level of testing.

What does the Detailed Assessment Test include?

  • All samples must be taken individually.
  • Every 10m2 (or part thereof) must be tested.
  • Every room must be tested.

Free no-obligation quote

$99+gst per sample

*Travel costs may apply.

How It Works?

Active Testing Solutions takes a gold standard approach to Methamphetamine Testing. We are very proud to be delivering the highest level of testing available anywhere in New Zealand. We might be testing for methamphetamine, but we are delivering is peace of mind for our clients.

Please note that Active Testing Solutions does not charge additional fees for expedited tests and guarantees a three business day turnaround on all testing. 

1. Collect Testing Samples
Our professionally trained testers will visit the property to collect samples.

  • Please note that as most properties will require between 20 – 30 samples, you should allow 2 – 3 hours for ATS to complete the sample collection on site.

2. Individual Laboratory Tested Swabs
All samples are taken individually.

3. Same Day Shipping of Samples
All samples are shipped directly to our state of the art laboratory partners.

4. Reporting
You will receive an in depth report highlighting the contamination levels of each specific area tested as well as recommendations on how to proceed.

7. Meth is found, what now?
You will now need to work with you insurance company in conjunction with a specialist remediation company to decontaminate the property. Once decontamination of the property has been completed, ATS will come back in and perform Post Remediation Testing

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