Gold Standard Methamphetamine Sample Training

Active Testing Solutions is committed to raising the standards of the methamphetamine property testing industry. While the testing service that we offer is second to none, we recognise that in order to positively affect the industry as a whole, we must start at the ground level. That means training.

Due to the fact that the methamphetamine testing of properties is currently an unregulated market you must ensure that the training you receive is of the highest quality. It is due to this that Active Testing Solutions has decided to offer a GOLD STANDARD methamphetamine contamination testing training course.

The course will provide you with a comprehensive introduction to methamphetamine contamination sampling.

The Active Testing Solutions methamphetamine sample training course is offered in a one day format in order to deliver highimpact, in depth training at a competitive price.

The course will cover:

  • What is methamphetamine?
  •  History of methamphetamine.
  •  Chemicals and precursors.
  •  Manufacturing methamphetamine.
  •  Hazard identification and risk assessment.
  •  Personal protective equipment.
  •  Sampling and testing methodology for methamphetamine contamination.
  •  Contamination level assessment.

So if you are interested in upskilling your team with the highest level of training available on the market today. Give us a call and book in today.

  • Please note that while New Zealand is developing the NZQA training for methamphetamine property testing as per NZS8510:2017 requirements we have made the decision to put our methamphetamine property testing training programme on hold. If you would like to get an update on where this process is currently sitting, please do not hesitate to give us a ring on 0800 005 321.

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Course Costs $599+gst.

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