Interim Contamination Level Recommendations





Media release 28/10/2016

To our valued clients.

A Ministry of Health funded report is providing recommendations for the country’s first national standard for methamphetamine contamination. The report, prepared by Environmental Science and Research recommends that a different level be used to guide clean up where methamphetamine has been used, compared to the level for houses where the drug has been manufactured. The report recommends that the current contamination level that prompts a clean-up stays the same for houses where the drug has been manufactured but is different for houses were the drug has only been used.

The recommended levels identified in the report are:

  • 0.5 µg/100cm2 for houses where the drug has been manufactured (unchanged)
  • 1.5 µg/100cm2 for houses where the drug has only been used – carpeted
  • 2.0 µg/100cm2 for houses where the drug has only been used – uncarpeted

What does this mean for you and your clients?

Testing should continue pre-purchase, between tenants, when there is any reason to believe Methamphetamine has been used or manufactured at the site and post remediation of contamination. Please ensure that your testing provider knows how to determine contamination differences and analysis of scientific findings. Based on the recommendations now provided, the Ministry of Health believes houses which do not trigger the clean-up levels for methamphetamine are as safe to occupy as any other similar house. In the absence of a guideline for remediating property contaminated by methamphetamine use but not manufacture, these recommendations can be used in the interim. But the recommendations will not pre-empt the standard which is currently being developed. While the Ministry’s recommendations are being considered by the Standards Committee, its recommendations are available on the Ministry of Health website. The new NZ Standard, once developed, will supersede the Ministry’s existing guidelines.

Full details of the report can be accessed on the M.O.H website.

Active Testing Solutions

Our Meth Tests

Active Testing Solutions offers three levels of tests, dependent on the requirement of our clients. Each variation of these tests can be used across both private and commercial establishments.eo.

Laboratory Composite Test

Individual swabs are taken from at least 5 locations throughout your home. Parts of each sample are then combined in our state of the art laboratories to test for any methamphetamine contamination.

Individual Laboratory Test

Similar to the laboratory composite tests, multiple on-site swabs are taken. These swabs are then individually tested to ascertain the specific contamination levels within each area swabbed.

Post Remediation Test

If methamphetamine is found, you will need to have area professionally cleaned. Once the remediation work is completed, we will retest the area to ensure contamination has been completed removed.

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