The ATS Promise – We Are Here To Support You

What is The ATS Promise

Active Testing Solutions has one Mission to KEEP KIWI HOMES SAFE. This means that every single decision that we as a company make is measured against this commitment to our amazing customers. This also means that we must support our customers in those times that things get a little tricky.

There is nothing worse that having to take formal action around an issue, but sometimes there is just no other option. Here at ATS, we recognise that we are the experts in all things property testing. We recognise that you have hired us to keep your home safe via the testing options that we offer. And we recognise that if we are truly going to stand behind the amazing products that we offer, then it is up to us as a company to assist our clients when times get a little more tricky.

With this in mind, the two Directors of Active Testing Solutions, Grant Kedian and Glen Hardie have made the commitment that they will appear in support of our clients at any formal situation as required. This includes things like Tenancy Tribunals, Hearings, Court Situations or any other formal situation as required.

So what does this mean for you? In a nutshell, this means that you as our incredibly valued client can rest easy in the knowledge that if there is ever an issue, the Directors of ATS, will be right there with you, in support of the testing that we have conducted. This means that you have an on-call, an industry expert that is willing to step in and take on the heavy lifting if it is ever required. This takes all the pressure off you and means that you can rest easy in the knowledge that ATS will always be here to support our valued clients.

In fact, The ATS Guarantee is the key reason that Property Management Companies and Landlords alike are so quick to review ATS. In fact, did you know that ATS is the countries most reviewed property testing company? Give us a call on 0800 005 321 and experience first hand what it’s like dealing with a company that puts customer service above all else.